Project Outputs

1st Output


WISE Skills Designated by Mixed Method


As youth workers have different habits in each region and country, the work will be carried out in various areas of the crisis (e.g. stress management, emotional intelligence, etc.). Thanks to the Crisis Management Guide to be included in the Wise Mind Project, youth workers will obtain a ready-to-use, standard, complete and applicable guide. For the preparation of this guide, a crisis management guide will be prepared by evaluating the working experiences of youth workers in different countries, which they can refer to after various studies.


2nd Output


Development of new holistic self care system for youth workers


This is a kind of compilation, modular and holistic training system providing stress management and increasing endurance. As the training program of the trainer, this study will be a program that can be changed for similar structures programs according to the needs of the institution. With the help of the first product, a user-friendly stress management system called “Wise Mind” will be designed, which will be applied and taught to youth workers for continuous use based on literature review, needs analysis, research results, psychological scales and reports.


3rd Output

Case-Study Analysis E-Platform


The Case-Study Analysis E-Platform will be made available to youth workers during and after the project. Thanks to this system, different case studies from other partner countries can be recorded. This platform will guide employees in the training and implementation process. In addition, the training contents, instructor book, project visual materials will also be uploaded to this platform. These contents will be available in English, Bulgarian, Slovak, Turkish, Greek, Dutch for the youth workers all around the world. Thus, with a sustainable understanding, access to relevant materials will be provided when needed. This output is a platform where youth workers can share their experiences with their colleagues, which has been prepared with a holistic approach and can be accessed by an online learning program. All kinds of training outputs and activities are in printable format.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission.
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